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Henschel Steinau is an employee owned company committed to the relentless pursuit of break-through merchandising solutions based on our experience with the world's leading brands and retailers.

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Best-in-class provider for Retail Marketing Solutions

For more than 50 years, Henschel-Steinau has been recognized as best-in-class provider for retail marketing solutions in the point of sale and in store marketing industry by providing retail shelf merchandising systems, custom point of purchase displays, warehousing and fulfillment services to Fortune 100 consumer goods marketers and retailers.

In 2008, Henschel-Steinau was purchased by a group of 11 employee investor shareholders led by company veterans Gary Forman, Kelli Ludewig and Michael Luberto, who are responsible for directing the company culture, determining strategic direction and managing day-to-day business decisions. Our company business is conducted in an environmentally responsible manner, complies with applicable legal requirements, and promotes ethical employment, safety & health policies.

As a result of our ongoing commitment to retail knowledge and excellence, HS has won hundreds of industry awards for design, marketing and manufacturing excellence and is today recognized as one of the world's leading agencies for retail shelf systems as well as custom point-of-purchase advertising.

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