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More than just a buzzword, sustainability is our ongoing dedication to reducing the carbon footprint along each step of the supply chain to retail

Our business culture is conducted in an ethically environmentally responsible manner, complies with applicable legal requirements, promotes ethical safety & health policies, is committed to reducing waste & implementing sustainable and socially responsible business practices. We require our suppliers to conform to our standards.

Our policy is to constantly keep abreast of the latest materials, packaging techniques, logistics practices and utilize sustainable-active suppliers to insure our customer's environmental standards are achieved.

Sustainability begins at the drawing board

ECO PDQ Visine

Award winning EcoPDQ sustainable designs

The HS cross functional project team is responsible for implementing sustainable eco-friendly alternative recommendations early in the design cycle including:

  • Designing and shipping over 100,000 environmentally effective patented EcoPDQ programs that have revolutionized  PDQ merchandising
  • Designs utilizing lighter sustainable materials which in turn save raw materials
  • Soy based inks are substituted for PLA based plastic

Sustainability continues at manufacturing and distribution

recycleOur suppliers are reviewed and selected based on their ability to utilize cost effective sustainable solutions including:

  • Integrating recycled materials into the manufacturing process - plastics-corrugated-reclaimed wood
  • Utilization of solar panel technology
  • Use of energy efficient lighting, chilled & well water
  • Transporting raw materials using renewable energy
  • SmartWay partnership member
  • FSC/SFI Certification

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