EZ Roll®

The Revolution of the Baby Food Category

With its hundreds of SKU's and small packaging, retailers have identified the baby food aisle as one of the most labor intense and difficult areas to maintain on a daily basis. 

EZ Roll Baby Food Management System

EZ Roll® Baby Food System

Our EZ Roll® retail shelf system was developed to reduce stocking labor, improve product rotation, enhance the shopper marketing experience  for in-aisle presentation and consumer messaging.


  • FIFO (first in/ first out product rotation)
  • Eliminates product facing labor
  • Reduces jar product breakage
  • Eliminates co-mingling of SKU's
  • Category stays fully faced
  • Quick & easy consumer brand recognition
  • Enhances consumer shopping experience 

Design Features

The EZ Roll® Retail Shelf System is designed with product rotation in mind. The "First In, First Out" loading feeding system virtually eliminates out of date products and is easily scalable based on store size. The clear, swing door allows for a large 4-color graphic for easy consumer branding as well as adding a high end, finished look to the total system. 

Access to re-stocking chutes is hidden behind the door. No consumer access is apparent, so accidental cross contamination of SKU's is nearly impossible. All components are made out of durable, high impact ABS and K-resin plastic.

Modules accommodate Gerber, Beech Nut, Earths Best, Heinz, Private Label with the following jar sizes: 2.5oz, 4oz, 4.5oz, 3.52oz, 6oz, 7.5oz (contact us for additional sizes).

Product Gallery

View the product gallery to see how EZ Roll® can be applied to your specific retail environment.

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