EZ Bins - Introducing the Durapod Bulk Bin System

Completely BPA FREE & Certified by Intertek to NSF/ANSI 2 Standards


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Retail Bulk Food Bins

Durapod Systems specialize in the manufacture and supply of retail bulk-food bins which incorporate unique features exclusive to the Durapod system.
Durapod bins are a major leap forward for the bulk food category. They offer an attractive, durable and hygienically superior option to existing designs. They can be adapted to fit most existing shelving locations or can be designed to suit your circumstances.

GD1000 - Bulk Gravity Dispenser 4” wide - 2.7 Gal (10.2 Litre)

Same modern design and profile as our 6” Gravity Bin More SKU’s in less space Allows for 12 bins in a 48” wide fixture

GD1500 - Bulk Gravity Dispenser 6” wide - 4 .1 Gal (15 litre)

Pull down arm for easy filling Overcomes heavy lifting. Dispenser can be easily removed from arm for cleaning.

False Front
Allows Dispenser to always look full

Large Ticket Holder
Simple slide in Access for tickets

New Push Nozzle
Simply place bag over nozzle and push to dispense product

Bulk Scoop bins comes in 3 sizes

8 inch (200mm)
2.5 gal (9.6 ltr)

12 inch (300mm)
4.1 gal (15.5 ltr)

16 inch (400mm)
5.7 gal (21.5 ltr )

Self closing Lids
to ensure bins are returned to the closed position at all times

Off lid tickets
to ensure the product remains the focal point

Rear opening Lids
to enable back filling to ensure stock rotation

External holstered scoop/tong holders
adds to product hygiene and reduces cross contamination



Durapod Bins are CERTIFIED by Intertek to NSF/ANSI 2 Standards

Durapod Gravity and Scoop bins have been certified by Intertek to meet the standards of NSF/ANSI 2 - 2005 which is a recognized Food Equipment Standard worldwide. Our bins must meet the criteria to be certified by ETL to operate in a sanitary manner to rigid health standards. Health departments world wide look to NSF/ANSI standards and use them as a requirement to approve installations of food equipment.

  • Use of FDA-approved foodsafe materials
  • Readily accessible parts
  •  Smooth, easily cleanable surfaces
  • Rounded internal corners to eliminate food traps
  • Ease of cleaning by normal cleaning methods
  • Durability against breakage, corrosion and abrasion


Durapod bins are made from BPA FREE Copolyestermore -
scratch resistant and higher heat resistance than Polycarbonate

  • Reduced risk of crazing, cracking or hazing
  • Virtually unbreakable, chemical resistant and BPA free
  • Toughness and dishwasher durability mean you can look forward to products that will satisfy customers and significantly reduce complaints and returns
  • Laboratory sample bars were subjected to a range of strains in three -point bending fixtures and placed inside the dishwasher
  • Tritan™ showed no evidence of cracking or crazing at up to 500 dishwasher cycles at any level of applied strain
Bending fixture


Ensures the products are the focal point, not the bin