"Your organization has been a huge help managing the difficult, and ever-changing requests on this project…it is gratifying to know we can depend on Henschel-Steinau to help protect our bottom line."

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Shopper Insights

Sometimes the path is clear. For those other times, Henschel-Steinau can deliver the insights to great retail design and execution.

Henschel-Steinau's award-winning creative and design capabilities have roots connecting both shopper and consumer insights with retail activations. Connectivity is critical to effectively deliver the message at the final destination along the path to purchase, the selling floor.

The way people shop a store is consistently evolving thanks to a myriad of both external and internal shopper influences - from economic conditions to  lifestyle.

Shoppers are on a mission. Henschel-Steinau's shopper insights separates the myth from reality in any category whether trade channel or retailer.

Research takes place long before the first display is ever designed.

HS Shopper Traxx, through strategic relationships with the leading shopper and consumer insights agencies, delivers deep-dive research that explores key drivers to dictate your product or brand position in-store.

Ensuring our retail solution is designed and manufactured for your targeted shopper we always take into account the following:


  • In Store Research
  • Mobile Communications
  • Path to Purchase           Influences
  • Shopper Behavior
  • Specific Channel Insights
  • Consumers & Trade Trends
  • Qualify Shopping Habits
  • Consumer and Shopper Messaging
  • Strategic Merchandising
  • Display Testing in Live Environments
  • Eye-Tracking Studies

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