Project Management

Henschel deploys the latest technology for project management, providing real time status for each project.

Our project managers control and track all aspects of supply chain processes. From production, assembly and inspection to co-packing and distribution to the final destination. We make sure every “I” gets dotted and each task meets interim and final due dates.

Controlling the process ensures the supply chain is on schedule

Process controls are supported by electronic documentation, drawings, forms and schedules which are used at each project step. Numerous methods are employed to maintain up-to-date project status feedback including utilization of web technologies and smart devices. Our Sales support team is continuously updated via meetings and electronic communications.

Business continuity is given high priority

Our business systems network, located at our corporate headquarters house our databases, documentation and files. All technologies and systems are supported by an in-house IT staff. Every system is secured via the most up to date protection policies.

Our source inspectors and project managers are also connected outside the office via our business network, the internet and smart devices. Tested disaster recovery programs are in place to ensure business continuity.