Case Studies

Case Study for Nutella & Go! Logo - Henschel

Relaunching nutella® & Go! for nationwide convenience retailers.

The Objective

  • To provide placement of the product in the most visible areas within the store; frontend counter as well as the Coffee Bar.
  • The program was strategically placed at the front end and it had to stand out in this extremely cluttered area of the store.
  • To provide a clean line design while enriching the brand.

The Insights

Every aspect of the unit’s injection molded design and in-store activation procedure was strategically planned to engage the target audience and enhance ROI. The nutella® & Go! Display encircles the product as it moves on the spinner base. This customer Grabs one and Goes! – Or grabs many. This was designed as a gravity fed four chamber structure – not only is it easy for the shopper, but simple for the store associate. This program was designed and constructed for permanent placement at the check-out counters of convenience stores.

The Solution

nutella’s® bold red and white color palette along with the clean sexy curved lines of the injection molded spinner, were bound to entice the convenience shopper. The small footprints with its bright white blades make it ideal for use at the visually cluttered check-out counter area in convenience stores. The gravity fed chutes accommodate sixteen pieces of product while continuously maintaining ease of shop ability. Secure enough to keep the product straight and upright while open for those Travel-ready™ shoppers.

The Connection with the shopper

This nutella® & Go! Convenience store program was designed with this on the go shopper in mind. Simple yet bold graphics applied via pressure sensitive labels enhanced the small turntable footprint. Price label graphics are optional on the program, most of the retailers found it not necessary. The product is disappearing prior to pricing. These Tastebud – friendly™ customers are grabbing this product multiple pieces at a time. Retailers recognized the ever present brand loyalty of the nutella® brand and knew this counter unit would enhance their sales.