EZ Load®

Changing the Shopper Experience. One Store at a Time.

Our patented award winning EZ Load® Spring loaded Shelf Merchandiser System automatically faces product to the shelf front while maintaining side-to-side product positioning.

Retailer feedback is unanimous "in-store aisle category appearance is greatly improved… in-store costs are reduced… consumers shop-ability is enhanced…"


  • Organizes product on shelf
  • Reduces employee stocking time
  • Simple installation
  • Easy adjustability for POG resets
  • Prevents sweeping in all categories
  • Keeps product graphics fronted
EZ Load - before photo

Before EZ Load

EZ Load - after photo

After EZ Load






View the video and photo gallery to see how EZ Load® can be applied to a category in your specific retail environment.

Design Features

  • Front lens enables 1-handed restocking
  • Dividers & pushers move independently
  • Easy lateral slide-click motion adjustments
  • Reduces to 1-7/8 increments
  • Shelf depths: 10", 12", 14", 16", 18", 20", 22"
  • 3' and 4' widths available
  • Standard and heavy duty versions
Existing customers are supported via our service support and ordering webpage accessed through the client login
Retail System - EZ Load portfolio

EZ Load® system works in endless categories

Product Gallery

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EZ Load® Video

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